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Communication Details

Address :
Sales Office: 13-D, Yusuf Building,
Gr. Flr., 72, Mangaldas Road,
Lohar Chawl, Mumbai - 400002.
Maharashtra INDIA
Tel.:+91-22- 22092690 / 22066260 / 22010546 / 39567359 / 39567440

Probodhan Capacitor - Construction Special Features


PRABODHAN capacitors are robust in construction. They are manufactured in accordance with the latest standards of engineering technology.

a] Selection of imported Raw Material. Best quality imported capacitor tissue paper, polypropylene film, aluminum foil. impregnate, etc. are used in the manufacture of 'PRABODHAN' capacitors.

b] Elements and Fuses. Elements are accurately and uniformly wound in are conditioned dust. proof room and each
element is provided with its own built-in fuse. Each element is individually tested, HRC fuses are' employed for external protection, if desired.

c] Insulators: Ceramic insulators are fitted by latest technique sensuring 100% protection against leakage.

d] Drying and pregnation: The properly assembled elements are dried under high vacuum and non-inflammable impregnant is used for a impregnation. The assemblies are placed in M.S. container which is hermetically sealed.

e] Discharge Device Every capacitor is provided with low loss discharge resistance which is externally fitted. Live parts have top cover for protection. Units/Bal) ks are provided with Double earthing arrangement.

f] Painting Most up-to-date painting practice is employed. The containers are cleaned and degreased before phosphating and then one coat zinc chromate primer and two coats of superior quality paint are sprayed.

g] Loss Angle test: Each capacitor is tested for loss angle and watt losses are determined. They are strictly controlled as per I.S standards.

f] Oil Leakage Test: All capacitors are tested in oven before dispatch for oil leakage.

Probodhan Capacitor - Guarantee

‘PRABODHAN' capacitors are guaranteed against manufacturing defect for one year from the date of supply under normal operating conditions.

Probodhan Capacitor - Suggestion Location of Capacitors

The ideal distribution of the reactive capacity is achieved when the highest possible p.f. is maintained under all load conditions. Capacitors may be connected:
Capacitors may be connected:
i] Across main bus bars.
ii] Across individual Motors.
iii] Across the bus-bar in manually or automatically operated sections.

Probodhan Capacitors - Testing Facilities

a] We have testing facilities for conducting all routine tests as per IS : 2834 of 1986.
b] In addition, the following type tests are carried out at our works.
c] (i)Test for Dielectric loss angle.
d] (ii) Thermal stability test.
Test certificates are issued accordingly.

* LP- List Price inclusive of excise duty but exclusive of sales tax or any other taxes. For Improved power quality and reduction in energy costs.


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